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Posted by on Sunday, 8 December, 2013

With the writing of the first book out of the way, I was sent a short list of things I still had to do. All my bits and pieces are now more or less done, I think: acknowledgements, blurb, bio, contact links (including this web site, Facebook page and Twitter) and an author picture, among others.

I wasn’t sure whether to include an author picture so decided to do some research. I looked at some books on the bookcase in my classroom and could find none on the back covers. I asked the children in my class and two thirds of them said they’d like to see an author picture and bio in a book. They also found some just inside the back of just three books, so, to keep my customers happy, I’ve decided to include one. Being the photographer in the family, meant that I had to dig deep to actually find one that was suitable, as there aren’t too many around. Eventually I came across something I thought might be suitable – probably better than a “selfie” taken with my phone!