Something fishy going on!

The next “reveal” is an illustration from Chapter 1. I’m not sure I want to upload any more now until the book is published as I don’t want to give away all the treats in store! I’m hoping that publication is now very close.


Rather oddly, a trout stood next to the fire.

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2 Responses to Something fishy going on!

  1. Avatarmaria Carmen Triola says:

    This is a kind of book you want to read from the first page to the last one without leaving the book alone or in foreigners hands , it is an ologrammatic book , you read and in your mind you picture the situation and the world you are in is the worls created by the author Susan Navas a very sensitive girl, mother , teacher , friend , wonderful writer , capable to make you travel in time reading her book , story , from your favourite place ……thank you Susan , this is a great gift for the people that have the priviledge to share your talent !

    • Susan NavasSusan Navas says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. If you could put a review on Amazon, I would be very grateful! I’m very happy that you enjoyed the book!

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