Children’s author ‘book bombs’ bookshops

On Saturday, Charlotte Moore, the illustrator of the Agnil’s Worlds series, and I had a bit of elvish fun when we went into Cambridge to commit a feat of derring-do (or should that be daring-do?). I secretly planted the copies of The Rise of Agnil on the shelves of two bookshops while Charlotte took photos.

The Rise of Agnil has been available from Amazon since last December but so far can’t be bought from any high street bookshops.

Photo bombing is when someone unexpectedly or unintentionally appears in a photograph. I called it a book bombing because I put the books somewhere they would not otherwise have been found. I wanted to highlight the difficulties faced by indie authors and publishers in getting their books stocked on the high street. If anyone wants the books I have planted they can have them for free. I will refund the price paid in the shop if the purchaser contacts me.

book bombing

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4 Responses to Children’s author ‘book bombs’ bookshops

  1. Susan Jackson says:

    Can’t be bought from high street shops or they just don’t know how good the book is so they won’t stock it!!

    • Susan NavasSusan Navas says:

      The problem, here in the UK at least, is that bookshops prefer to stock books on a sale-or-return basis. This just isn’t possible with print-on-demand books like mine. It would be nice to think that with the changing face of publishing they’d review their policy and give indie authors and publishers a chance! Thank you for being such an appreciative reader. 🙂

  2. SimonWheeler says:

    Here in Spain, I approached a major department store and offered my book at a better than industry rate. But they said that they only deal with three distributors and nobody else. The distributor takes the responsibility for any unsold books, since the store doesn’t want to take that risk. Even with established authors, if they don’t sell all the copies, they want to be able to send them back. Hence the ridiculous percentage that distributors want.
    Best of luck, anyway,

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