Driving Over Coconuts

A few people have asked me about my holiday in Brazil earlier this year. While I was away I wrote a journal and took photos. I haven’t had a huge amount of spare time but I’ve tidied up the journal and thrown in a few photos. If you want to read it, just click on the download. This journal is not a children’s book!

Driving Over Coconuts

8 Responses to Driving Over Coconuts

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks this will be interesting to read. Our daughter lives in Rio, we went to visit her last year, I loved it there. I’d love to go again. Look forward to reading your journal.

    • Susan NavasSusan Navas says:

      You’re welcome, Donna. I’d never been out of Europe before so this was a real adventure for me. I really enjoyed Rio too! 🙂

  2. John Venning says:

    Thanks, Susan

  3. Paula Hilston says:

    Thank you….Sarah and I live many evenings in Agnils world….wait until I tell her Agnils writer wrote a book for me too

  4. Susan Jackson says:

    I was enjoying the pictures you posted on your trip and little snippets so I was thrilled when you put this up–it is embarrassing when I put anything up about my vacations because your vacation reads like a book and of course makes us all want to go visit!! Thanks for sharing!!

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