A change of direction

This week I am mostly sketching on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, but I know I can’t keep drawing the same old sea view. Downstairs from the apartment where I’m staying is a ‘Hundred-year-old Olive Tree’. Well, that’s what they call it here. It just means it’s so old that nobody really knows how old it is! I decided it might be a good subject for a sketch but felt self-conscious about drawing ‘in situ’ so I took a photo with my phone and returned to the safe confines of my balcony. This is the result. 

100-year-old olive tree
I then had a couple of busy-doing-not-very-much days before revisiting cartoons. I’d really enjoyed doing the faces a few days ago and decided to challenge myself even further by looking at the whole body. As usual, there was plenty of advice on the Internet so I had a go with a couple of the sites I found.

My first attempt was not very successful but I’m showing it to you, anyway, just to prove I’ve been trying!

cartoon boy
I did a bit better today, I think, even though the legs are a bit wonky (wonkiness seems to be my style!) and even managed to adapt the drawing to represent one of the characters in the Agnil’s Worlds books! Can anyone guess who it is?

Which elf?
I do have a bit of a problem. My eraser/rubber is almost worn out! I must be able to buy one around here!

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4 Responses to A change of direction

  1. AvatarJoy Hughes says:

    So enjoying these sketches Sue. Love the tree, it has such character. As for the cartoons/people . . . looks like you are doing well. I thought the idea of them was to develop your own style anyway. Perfection is not important in that style as far as I am aware.

    • Susan NavasSusan Navas says:

      Thank you, Joy! Of course, the point is to develop your own style. It’s a matter of confidence, I think. Mimicking, or at least, attempting to mimic, is the first step, and then learning to adapt. I can feel my confidence growing!

  2. AvatarSine says:

    Just read the “about me (you)” page and had to comment.
    1) where in SW Germany is the house you do lots of your writing at? I was born and bred in SW Germany so am curious:-)
    2) I love that you like to draw as well. I love to write and draw/paint, but lately the drawing has taken a backseat as I’ve put everything into my writing (as you well know, it entails a lot more than just writing). But I have lovely pencil portraits of all m children hung throughout the house, and some watercolors here and there, and miss having time to just work on a piece of art!
    3) Scrivener: This is the second time I’ve heard it mentioned, an author whose book signing I went to also praised it. I think I may have to get it as I like the idea of having a place to keep track of odd notes other than scattered on my desk around me.

    • Susan NavasSusan Navas says:

      Hi Sine,
      I used to do most of my writing in a house in a town called Oehringen, near Heilbronn. It’s a very beautiful part of the world but I haven’t been there for well over a year now. A chapter of my life now closed.
      I enjoyed my little drawing project. I have very artistic children but it had been a long time since I’d picked up a pencil. Since the project I’ve sadly had little time to do any drawing.
      I love Scrivener and thoroughly recommend it. It’s great for keeping projects organised.

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